The Trust

The Trust was set up and registered with the Charity Commission in July 1986. There are currently seven trustees - Stephen George (Chair of the committee), Harold Coaten (one of the founder trustees), Ivor Mitchell (Hon. Secretary and one of the founder trustees), Brenda Carre (Hon Treasurer), Maureen Hansen (Minutes Secretary), Stephen Sanders and Robin Taylor and meets on an 'as and when' basis. The day to day business of the trust is managed by the committee, which meets bi monthly, on which all the trustees sit.

The Objects of the Trust are

a) to establish and maintain a footpath for the enjoyment of the public around the whole of the City of Lichfield and to provide in the immediate vicinity of the said footpath such plants, trees, flowers and shrubs of botanical interest.

(b) to advance the education of the public by encouraging and stimulating their appreciation and study of the life and works of Erasmus Darwin."

The Darwin Walk was the first project to benefit from a grant of £1000 from the New Horizons Trust, an organisation that offers cash grants to community projects devised by groups that consist mainly of older people. The money was awarded during 1985 and enabled the Trust to purchase plants, shrubs, and trees and was of particular help to Grandparents Day, when 200 youngsters with their parents' parents gathered on a Sunday morning to plant trees. Among those present on that memorable occasion were several direct descendants of Erasmus Darwin.

The Trust receives income from other sources such as grants to repair stiles, improve the walk, and finance projects such as the orchard. Of particular note is the annual grant from Lichfield City Council which is gratefully acknowledged. Other income is derived from the sale of the annual newsletter and badges plus donations. The trust acknowledges this generous support without which it could not exist.