New Route
    The Darwin Walk needed a rethink. A lot has happened in 35 years. Lichfield has
expanded and house building shows no signs of slowing down just yet. The memory of
Erasmus Darwin is a cause for celebration and there is much to investigate and enjoy in the
countryside encircling our beautiful City of Lichfield. We just needed to adjust the route. The
Committee had the very difficult task of going out walking and trying possible alternatives! It
is a little more manageable at 7.5 miles (approx). Sadly we have lost the Streethay section but
gained beautiful woodland, meadow and arable between Curborough Farm and Netherstowe.
The route finishes at Erasmus Darwin House and The Cathedral.
Planting of the Holm Oak at the Festival Gardens 20th April 2021
    The Darwin Walk Trust was lucky to be the recipient of a Holm Oak kindly donated by
Nick Burton from Lichfield City Council. On the 24th April 2021 the Committee and kind
volunteers got their gloves on and got planting (under the watchful eye of our very own
David Knowles from the Forest of Mercia!). Wild flowers and shrubs were also added to the
blossoming meadow. It is adjacent to the path heading down to the subway. And to think it is
just a five minute walk from the City Centre!
Orchard at Elmhurst
    They don't look after themselves! The Committee and volunteers headed up with our
scythes, loppers and secateurs. This semi-natural habitat requires management but not
improvement. Several of the trees are heritage varieties found to be growing during Erasmus
Darwin's lifetime (1731-1802) thus making them important both within the historic landscape
and for a wide range of wildlife, particularly birds, mammals and insects that utilise dead and
decaying wood. Pruning is a must to keep the fruit trees healthy and productive and the sward
on the orchard floor will quickly develop into a dense thicket of scrub swamping the trees if
neglected. Next on the agenda will be a plaque and information board so you can identify
these interesting varieties for yourselves!